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Published on January 10th, 2020 | by GreatGets


Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

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Although not every broker or agent remembers to send a closing gift, we believe no matter the size of the commission, every client should be thanked for their business.  The whole process of buying a house is fraught with emotion.  The last impression you make should be one of joyous celebration.  Hence, our recommendation of a giant gift basket filled with champagne, wine, or coffee paired with chocolates  as the perfect feel good gift.

Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

Gift Baskets

And as most people who have ever received a gift basket well know, we all immediately separate the “junk” from the wine?  Have you checked your home cupboard or pantry recently?  I promise you you still have a pack of “Berry Good Snack Mix” or “Pomegranate Puffs”  hiding unopened behind the crackers some place.  Let’s be real, all anyone really cares about is the wine (or coffee) and the chocolate.  Gourmet Gift Baskets gets it – they keep it simple and stick to the good stuff!

Wine Club Subscriptions

Alternatively, who says closing gifts must be limited to the day of closing?  Marketing experts will tell you that most often it is the number of quality touches between two people that cement relationships.  Any gift is great but a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year(s) is even better.  This is where the idea of gifting a fabulous wine club subscription becomes a smart business decision.  For just about $150.00 ( the same cost as most nice gift baskets) your clients will receive a lovely gift from you once every quarter (yes – you read that correctly 4x a year they will receive a little gift of thanks from you and your firm.)  All we can say is this is way more bang for your marketing bucks!

With lots of wine clubs from which to choose, how do you narrow the choices?  After reading a slew of reviews, we finally decided upon The California Wine Club. We like the club choices.  We like the wines. And we really like the people behind the site.  We were having trouble understanding the various signature requirements needed, so we called (ok, so we called a few times) and everyone we spoke with was knowledgeable, kind and more than patient with our endless questions.

Know somebody who prefers beer?  The same strategy applies — check out our favorite gourmet beer basket gifts!

Dare to be Great!

Best Real Estate Closing Gifts GreatGets

Summary: The first night in a client's new home should be one of celebration - give a gift that will be remembered!



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